Inspired in Costco, back in February: a Blog Post Revisited

Costco ceiling
The look of the morning sun on the roof of the mall this morning reminded me of a notion I formed years ago and to a degree still hold today: that there’s a comfort in the bland, commercial aesthetic of well-kept retail spaces. By well-kept I mean clean and free of blemishes: if the floor tile is dingy, or there’s a hole in a wall, or if there are water stains on drop-ceiling panels, the charm is either lost or prevented. (I’m clearly not talking of old buildings whose glories are in their oldness, but of modern budget or mass construction, which doesn’t age as well and therefore must be rigorously maintained and remodeled; we can agree that the average modern shopping mall will never compete with a city’s historic district.)

What is the source of this comfort? Is it the illusion of stability that mass consumerism provides? The feeling that, if we can fill the trunk with boxes of bulk food items, then we must be doing okay? Isn’t it all just stuff to place between ourselves and the end? Whatever it is, it’s comforting; it’s an illusion that I appreciate.


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