about me, briefly

I am a writer, painter, and graduate English student, working as a medical lab technician while I figure out how to channel those creative and scholarly interests into something profitable, or at least sustainable. Teaching English is certainly an option, given my education, and something I am beginning to consider more seriously as graduation nears.

I write both fiction and creative nonfiction, as well as the occasional poem, and I’ve grown quite excited about a novel that is over-halfway written! Writing a novel is something that, until recently, I wouldn’t have thought I would ever do. I’ve always loved the idea (who doesn’t?), but I wasn’t sure I had the patience for such a drawn-out, ponderous process. But it’s happening!

Speaking of happenings, painting occurs whenever the urge strikes–roughly every six years. If I am ever involved in serious art-making again, I will probably share it here.

With a full-time job, graduate school, and two young boys, it’s a heady and hectic time. Sometimes I blog, as seen here, but I’m guilty of letting dust collect. I hope to remedy that.

Thanks for spending time on my website!


Let’s hang out, virtually:

Twitter:  @alandrue

Instagram:  alandrue

Facebook:  Alan Drue Tucker


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