“Arthur’s Forest” Completed

The painting for Arthur’s room is now complete.  Soon we will have it framed, and it will most likely hang above his crib (safely out of reach, of course).  I couldn’t resist rendering the bear in blue.  It’s part of my need to experiment with color.  As soon as I’m able to have high resolution photos made, I will post the entire painting here.  For now, I hope you enjoy this close-up detail.  Thanks for clicking on the link!

Arthur’s Forest

When I began thinking about the subject matter of the painting I wanted to do for our son’s nursery, I knew that I wanted to incorporate animals in an imaginary forest, and I wanted to do it in a way that was both colorful and playful.  The idea to include a bear cub clinging to a tree came instantly as I reflected on one of the meanings of the name Arthur.  It is an ancient name, and its origins are somewhat obscure, but the sources I’ve seen consistently trace the name back to the word “artos”, which is Celtic for “bear”.  The image to the left is an early detail from the painting, which I’ve decided to call “Arthur’s Forest”.  The piece is almost finished and will soon hang above Arthur’s bed.

The Fire In the Woods Still Burns

Clearing II (Fire)
Clearing II (Fire). Acrylic on canvas, 2010. 24 x 18 in.

The show at Gabriel’s Garden has been over for several days, but I was pleased that one of the store owners asked for permission to display “Clearing II (Fire)” throughout the Fall.  This suits me just fine, as it will be hanging among their line of Halloween decor.  If you find yourself in Brentwood, Tennessee, stop by Gabriel’s Garden and see the painting in all its woodsy, autumnal glory.

Thanks to all who came to the 2011 Artisan Festival last month!